Gentle and Painless Withdrawal


In 5 to 7 days you have overcome your withdrawal


Intensive support by experienced physicians specialized in addiction treatment


Relapse prevention through opiate-blocker naltrexone


We also detox fast and gently from alcohol, cocaine, THC, amphetamines, benzodiazepines, GHB and other drugs 

Detox7 – Gentle Opiate-Withdrawal in 5 to 7 days

Detox7 is a new groundbreaking and effective method of detoxing from all opiates and opioids as e.g. heroine, morphine, methadone, tilidine and fentanyl. In a surprisingly easy and comfortable manner, you are freed from your physical dependence in an unbelievably short time. You will sleep well right from the beginning, experience almost no pain and only slight and tolerable withdrawal symptoms.

The Detox7 program takes place in pleasant surroundings under medical and psychological supervision accompanied by a team of friendly professionals. Our therapy center is located near Monschau, the point where Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany meet.

What is innovative about our procedure?

The body’s natural production of opioids (so called endorphins) is suppressed by opiate consumption. By means of neuro-electric stimulation (NES) the brain resumes its production within a few days. During this  time your primary withdrawal symptoms are suppressed by the innovative use of highly specific drugs with sedative, anxiolytic and analgesic properties. To our knowledge this procedure is not in use by any other treatment center worldwide. If necessary other drugs are used to treat sleeplessness and other symptoms that may occur.

After 5 to 7 days* you return home in a positive frame of mind and with new energy. You will not be left in limbo, but supplied with prescriptions for effective non habit-forming medication to combat post-acute discomfort, particularly sleeplessness and RLS (restless-legs-syndrome).

*For cases of highly-dosed methadone, polamidone or buprenorphine 9-14 days (please inquire).

How much does the treatment cost?

Complete price including treatment, full board and lodging, all medication and private medical care, and 19% VAT:

    5 days                                € 2.200.-       

    7 days                                 € 2.600.-       

For a partner or other companion in the same room, we charge € 70 / day incl. full board.
Guaranteed success: Should you break off the treatment at Detox7 for whatever reason, we will reimburse you without further questions.

Detox dates 2014

Call us for your personel detox date !


Former paticipants report on their experiences with the Detox7 detoxification program. 
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